Friday, 18 July 2014

Overly Dramatic Cats

Don't touch me!

That is exactly what their little overly dramatic faces are saying. 

Don't even look at me!
The Queen of ODF Elsie
ODF cats also have ninja like skillz

Some cats just have those faces that no matter what, they just look like they've just thought of the saddest thing ever. 

I'm lucky enough to know two cats who are exactly like this. Every time I see them they look at me like I've just insulted their entire family. They're still very sweet though so I don't hold their little overly dramatic expressions against them. I guess it's a bit like bitchy resting face but for cats, so I shall call it 'Overly Dramatic Face'. So the next time you see a cat throwing you some shade in the form of ODF, don't get mad. Perhaps they can't help it, but knowing cats, I bet they do! 
Leni - also suffers from ODF

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