Friday, 18 July 2014

From potatoes to cats...

Have you ever noticed how Channing Tatum looks like a potato? 

Well you will now. Trust me, the similarities are uncanny. It seems that I'm not the only person to think so and after a quick stop off at the internets I found a whole load of stuff dedicated to their likeness. Channing Potatum.....

Which is which? Uncanny right
This got me thinking about cats again and how there must be a cat that looks like Channing or like other celebrities. Of course there are! And it would seem that once again, I'm not the only person out there to have this train of thought. In fact, there are tonnes of cat lookalikes. Now some are better than others and there are some pictures that just don't work at all. Here are a selection of the best pics I could find. 

Insert derpface here

Now that's the worst disguise ever. That guy's gotta be an alien.

Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated.

KStew makes Grumpy Cat look positively ecstatic 
Hey, if your cat looks like a celeb then let me know. I'd love to see some more!

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And finally...a cat that looks like a potato...the circle is complete!

Overly Dramatic Cats Costume!

Why mummy? Why?
So, now to combine two amazing things. 

Overly dramatic cats + costumes = awesomeness! 
This is why the internet was invented I'm sure.

I would love to know what was going through those kitties heads while they were being dressed up. I think their faces say it all. In this case I think they can be forgiven for having ODF. 

I particularly love the facial expression of the white kitty. I wonder if this is her usual face or if she's just milking it for the cameras?

That Carmen Miranda persian! I think he would be awesome without the costume but doesn't he look fab with the little hat. Well done for getting him to sit still long enough to take a picture.

I am enjoying this so much right now
If you like Pina Coladas!

My ultimate dressed up kitty at the moment has to be the Walter White cat. The costume, his face and props. That picture has it all.

This cat makes Walter White look like a wimp.
Say my name!

Overly Dramatic Cats

Don't touch me!

That is exactly what their little overly dramatic faces are saying. 

Don't even look at me!
The Queen of ODF Elsie
ODF cats also have ninja like skillz

Some cats just have those faces that no matter what, they just look like they've just thought of the saddest thing ever. 

I'm lucky enough to know two cats who are exactly like this. Every time I see them they look at me like I've just insulted their entire family. They're still very sweet though so I don't hold their little overly dramatic expressions against them. I guess it's a bit like bitchy resting face but for cats, so I shall call it 'Overly Dramatic Face'. So the next time you see a cat throwing you some shade in the form of ODF, don't get mad. Perhaps they can't help it, but knowing cats, I bet they do! 
Leni - also suffers from ODF

May I introduce....the Slow Loris!

Where does cute end and creepy begin?

The slow loris is a creature that is rather strange. By doing a simple image search of them I've been able to waste hours of my time getting lost in those huge eyes. I highly recommend that you do the same.

I have some questions about them though. How on earth do they survive in the wild? All you have to do is watch the video of one of these space cats with an umbrella and it really does make you think how do they even know how to get food. I once showed the video to a friend of mine and I think he watched it on loop for pretty much the entire afternoon.

But then with some research it turns out that they are DEADLY. I'm not even joking! They can actually lick their arm and make a crazy toxin from their saliva and arm stuff (I hope you're keeping up) and then if they bite you...BOOM! The end!

So...I'm guessing they're actually more evil than cute. Who knew.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cats as Superheroes that you?!

Cats don't work....

So this one started with me thinking about what cats would look like if they were at work. The answer is......not very interesting at all. 

I found a few relatively chuckle worthy pictures of cats sitting at desks and the obvious 'business cat' meme came up but nothing that made me really smile. That was until I continued scrolling and came across an illustration of cats dressed as the avengers. 

Now, as impressive as this drawing was, I'm all about actual quick google later and I found some internet gold. The attention to detail in the costumes is incredible! If anyone knows where they got them from........!

Not quite dressing up but I'll let them have this one!
Why so sad?

I think this one is my fave!

Cats as sushi!

Ok..So my brain can't even cope with this awesomeness!
I stumbled upon 'cats as sushi' a while ago and if you haven't googled this bad boy then you have to do it RIGHT NOW. someone came up with the concept to start with is beyond amazing. But to then actually do it..and make it work so well. Incredible.

Baby Animals!!!

So...the question is...which baby animal is the best. 

Actually looks like it would fit on your hand!
It's a difficult question to answer as my brain instinctively says KITTENS. But after some intense googling I'm not so sure! I think you'll agree that baby hippos are massively underrated.

By the way, everyone loves baby hippos, so I highly recommend spamming your friends with pictures of them very early in the morning...